Ecogreen Saigon is developed by reputable developer Xuan Mai Corp, Xuan Mai Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company, formerly known as Xuan Mai Large Concrete Factory, was established on November 29, 1983 according to Decision No. 1434-BXD / TCCB of the Ministry of Construction supported by the Soviet Union. Register your information now!

Ecogreen Saigon By Xuan Mai Corp

In 1983

Large-scale factory and complete equipment to produce large concrete structures for erection of apartments in Xuan Mai and Hanoi.


Xuan Mai Concrete Factory was renamed to Xuan Mai Concrete and Construction Factory and transferred to Vietnam Construction Import and Export Corporation under Decision No. 1049 BXD / TCLĐ dated 06/12/1996 of the Ministry. Build.

The company has actively signed a technology transfer with Saret International of the French Republic to invest in small aperture prestressed concrete production lines for PPB beams for erection of civil works. PPB beam products have been widely applied in Hanoi and neighboring provinces.


With the direction of the Ministry of Construction, Xuan Mai Company has cooperated with RONVEAUX of Belgium to build a production line of large aperture pre-stressed reinforced concrete structures by previous pull method. at Xuan Mai Concrete factory to produce pre-stressed concrete components for the erection of high-rise apartment buildings, industrial plants, public works and transport works. Pre-stressed concrete products have outstanding features and advantages such as high quality, durability, less maintenance when used, creating large spaces thereby creating open space for the houses. Architectural design and help save construction costs.

Year 2003

The factory was equitized and renamed into Vinaconex Xuan Mai Concrete and Construction Joint Stock Company under Decision No. 1434 / QD-BXD of the Ministry of Construction.


The company is the first and only unit of Vietnam construction industry to receive "State Award for Science and Technology" for the project of applying technology to produce pre-stressed reinforced concrete structures by means. Pre-pull method for construction works in Vietnam.


The company has listed and traded 10 million shares at the Hanoi Securities Trading Center with the stock code of XMC and Vinaconex Xuan Mai received the "Prestigious Securities Brand" award in 2008 and 2010.


The company has changed the model of Parent Company - Subsidiary company towards specialization, gradually expanded and completed the management model of operation under the model of Parent Company - Subsidiary Company, thereby improving half of the company's strength and strength in the construction market.


The company is the leading revenue and profit ranked No. 2 in VINACONEX Corporation. Vinaconex Xuan Mai was awarded the Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister and the Second Class Labor Medal awarded by the President.


With the agreement of the General Meeting of Shareholders on the policy of restructuring the company, VINACONEX Corporation transferred 10.2 million shares of Vinaconex Xuan Mai Concrete and Construction Joint Stock Company to Khai Hung Co., Ltd. .

Year 2014

On April 21, 2014, the Company officially changed its name to Xuan Mai Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company (Abbreviated name: Xuan Mai Corporation).


Cooperating with Rieckerman - Germany Company to transfer the pre-fabricated hollow wall plate technology Acotec of Elemantic - Finland and installing production lines with the mixing plant of Frumecar - Spain. Xuan Mai is the first unit in Vietnam to produce and apply Acotec wall panels in works that bring many benefits such as increasing productivity, saving labor, environmentally friendly ...


Successful application of construction technology generation F4, allowing progress of 3 days / floor ( Video technology construction 3 days / floor ). In addition, Xuan Mai has inaugurated the second Acotec wall panel factory and is continuing to invest in the 3rd and 4th lines to meet the market demand.

Over 30 years of construction and growth with changes and ups and downs over time, the company has grown comprehensively, increasingly asserting its capacity, prestige and position in the construction market. Thanks to many years of research and application experience, Xuan Mai is currently the leading company in applying pre-pre-stressed concrete technology in Vietnam, implementing stages from designing and manufacturing components. to construction works. The company has always focused on the investment and research and application of advanced technologies in the world, striving to achieve the goal of becoming the leading EPC General Contractor and a reputable real estate developer.


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