The River Thu Thiem Location Map


The River Thu Thiem project is located at the intersection between Vong Cung Boulevard and Nguyen Co Thach Street just past Thu Thiem Bridge 1 - Lot 3 - 15 in functional area 3 of the new urban area District 2 - City. Thu Duc. This is a very convenient location for trade links with the city center. Not only that, the project is only 90m from the Saigon River, so it will inherit the fresh air and ideal airy space.

Infrastructure in Thu Thiem area, District 2

Thu Thiem new urban area has 5 bridges, river tunnels connecting with other areas of the city. In addition to Thu Thiem 1 bridge and the tunnel crossing the Saigon River in operation, Thu Thiem New Urban Area will have Thu Thiem 3 Bridge connecting District 4, Thu Thiem 4 Bridge connecting District 7 and a pedestrian bridge over Bach Dang Wharf (District 1).

Tunnel Thu Thiem

Tunnel was completed in 2011. The task of Thu Thiem Tunnel is to connect East-West Boulevard (Vo Van Kiet Street) in District 1 with Thu Thiem urban area.


Completed Thu Thiem tunnel connecting District 1 and District 2

Thu Thiem Bridge 1

Bridge 1 Thu Thiem Bridge 1 was officially put into use on November 29, 2007. Thu Thiem 1 Bridge is responsible for connecting Ngo Tat To Street, Binh Thanh District and Nguyen Co Thach Street, Thu Thiem Urban Area, District 2.


Thu Thiem Bridge 1 completed

Thu Thiem Bridge 2

Thu Thiem Bridge 2 connecting Ton Duc Thang Street in District 1 to Vong Cung Boulevard of Thu Thiem Urban Area is under construction. Currently 70% completed and expected to go into operation in 2022.

Thu Thiem Bridge 3

Thu Thiem Bridge 3 is in the process of making construction documents. The location of Thu Thiem 3 bridge starts from Ton Dan Street (District 4), crosses Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, Nha Rong - Khanh Hoi wharf area (Saigon port), crosses the Saigon River to connect with the new urban area. Thu Thiem (District 2).

Thu Thiem bridge 4

Thu Thiem bridge 4 starts in front of the intersection of Tan Thuan 2 bridge - Nguyen Van Linh, goes along Nguyen Van Linh street, turn left at Huynh Tan Phat intersection to connect to Luu Trong Lu street. The bridge continues to cut through Tan Thuan port area, cross the Saigon River, and then connect with Thu Thiem urban area at the intersection of North-South axis and R4 route.

Pedestrian bridge connecting District 1 and Thu Thiem

On the side of District 1, the foot of the bridge is located in the area of ​​Bach Dang port park, near Nguyen Hue pedestrian street. In Thu Thiem New Urban Area, the foot of the bridge is located at the riverside park area A, south of the central square.

4 main roads in Thu Thiem New Urban Area

Arc Avenue (R1): It is the central route and plays an important role in the allocation of land use. Along both sides of the road are business and residential complexes. With a very important function, the route will be built in the direction of a busy urban route taking on the main traffic activities as well as the events, festivals and culture of the city. This means that The River Thu Thiem project in District 2 is located on the busiest street in Thu Thiem.


Arc Boulevard is being completed

Central Lakeside Road (R2): An important route for tourism development and ecology. Along one side of the road are bustling commercial centers and housing complexes; on the other hand, the other side of the lake is the entertainment area.

Saigon Riverside Road (R3): The route surrounding the western part of the peninsula. While the outside is bordered by the Saigon River, it is convenient for waterway traffic, while the inside is surrounded by a busy commercial area.

Delta Road (R4): It is a connecting route from Arc Boulevard and is located in the wetlands of the West - South of the peninsula.

Delta Road: A continuation of the Delta Region Road and located in the wetlands southeast-southeast of the peninsula.

Riverside Road: A connecting route from the Delta Road. Both sides of the road are residential areas and lowland areas.

Based on the above factors, it can be seen that The River Thu Thiem is one of the apartments worth living, enjoying and a project worth investing in profitably.

Amenities nearby The River Thu Thiem


  • City Hall
  • Central Post Office
  • Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts
  • Reunification Palace
  • Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica

Shopping Malls

  • Bitexco Financial Tower
  • Diamond Plaza
  • Takashimaya Vietnam
  • Vivo City


  • Australian International School (AIS)
  • British International School (BIS)
  • The American School (TAS)
  • European International School (EIS)


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